THE LAND AND LIBERTY social justice advocates’ training seminar – Land and Housing Justice


June 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Notable House
189 Ellsworth St. San Francisco
What if the value of what real estate agents mean by “location, location, location” were treated fully as community property? What would it mean as tax revenue to collect land values? What would happen to land speculation if the rent of land was collected by society to pay for social infrastructure? What would happen to the sales price of land were its private income potential sent to near ZERO? What would happen to landlords’ pocketbooks if the land portion of the rent you’re paying went to pay for streets, schools, fire protection, etc.?

To find out, through guided discussion, come to this week’s edition of THE LAND AND LIBERTY social justice advocates’ training seminar.

It’s free, it’s 7-9 pm, it’s scintillating, and it’s in San Francisco’s Red Hill neighborhood!

to RSVP: info [at]


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