The Impact of Coffee Crisis on Communities and the Border Crisis


July 13, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Red Bay Coffee
3098 East 10th Street Oakland
CA 94601

Context: The current price of commodity coffee is below $1 and does not cover the cost of production for most producers, especially smallholder farmers. These producers are at the risk of starvation, lack school fees and healthcare funds and some are risking illegal immigration to the U.S. or switching to illegal crops. What can be done to help? But first, are consumers even aware of this coffee crisis given the cost of a cup of coffee is rising or not considered cheap.

Event: This event will seek to raise awareness and educate consumers of the coffee crisis and its impact on marginalized communities, especially women, people of color and migrants.
Format: Panel (20 minutes discussion) + Q&A (20 minutes) + Social and complimentary coffee
Venue: Red Bay Coffee, Saturday, July 13th at 11am to 1pm

Organizers: Red Bay, Fair Trade, Kahawa 1893


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