Support Windfall Profit Tax on Big Oil


November 28, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Chevron Gas Station
5500 Telegraph Ave.

Oil companies are exploiting a global crisis to jack up prices at the gas pump and rake in massive profits while driving a cost of living crisis for Californians. They blame California’s environmental protections, but we know it’s polluter greed sending prices sky high, plain and simple.

This Monday will be a day of action (organized by Last Chance Alliance) across the state to enact a windfall profits cap proposal that will be voted in the CA legislature in the week of December 5th. In the Bay Area, activists will gather at the Chevron station at 5500 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland at 4:00pm to encourage Governor Newsom’s support of the tax and to shift the narrative around gas prices to one that frames big oil greed as the problem.

If you’re free, come join us at 4pm on Monday to hold signs and make our voices heard. Support the action on social media with hashtags

#PolluterGreed #TheyProfitWePay and #PollutersPayUp and tag @LastChance_CA, @CAGovernor and @GavinNewsom.

No Dirty Deal: Make the Call

In September, activists stood up to Senator Manchin and Senator Schumer and defeated a dirty side deal that would undermine one of our bedrock environmental laws, fast-track fossil fuels, and sacrifice fence-line communities Unfortunately, during the final weeks of this Congress, lawmakers are now poised to revive the dirty deal. Can you take a few minutes to call your congressperson to say this dirty deal has go to die?

Call 917-791-2257 to be connected to your member of Congress.

Suggested script:

“Hi, my name is ____, & I’m from ____. I’m deeply concerned about the Energy Independence and Security Act and any legislation that would fast-track fossil fuel projects and undermine the public’s ability to give input on new energy projects. As your constituent I’m calling to demand that you publicly oppose this dirty deal and do all you can to stop it from being attached to must-pass legislation and passing!”

With Love and Rage and Action,

Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area


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