Support the Coalition for Police Accountability’s Effort to Intervene in Oakland’s Negotiated Settlement Agreement


May 29, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Federal Courthouse, Dept 2, 17th Floor
450 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco

The Coalition for Police Accountability filed a motion to be Intervenors in the 16 year-long Negotiated Settlement Agreement (NSA). Our motion was opposed by the City, by Plaintiffs’ Attorneys and, of course, the OPOA.   Here’s an excerpt of the City of Oakland’s response to our motion:

“Today is a much different day than when the NSA began.   For one thing, the City is in compliance with all but four tasks.   Dkt. No. 1238.   The City is faithful to the idea that with strong  medicine like the new policies the Department has put into place and a bench of strong, committed  leaders, the Department can be the trustworthy guardian the community deserves.    Today is a much different day than when the NSA began.”


We need to have a strong representation of supporters at the hearing a week from today*!

*(It’s possible that the Judge will notify us of his determination and cancel the hearing  –  if so, we’ll cerrtainly let everyone know well ahead of time,)

Can we count on you?

Please help to spread the word and come to the hearing (you must have a valid, non-expired ID to get into the building). We ask:

  • Why is the City opposed to our involvement?
  • How many more years and millions of dollars must we spend to reform OPD?
  • Why shouldn’t the community have a voice in this process after 16 years of gridlock?

We need to be visible to Judge Orrick to advance our argument that the community cannot continue to be a silent partner or a hostage in this ongoing, expensive enterprise.



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