Sunrise Movement Green New Deal


May 1, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley
Telegraph & Bancroft

The Sunrise Movement, whose sit-in in Nancy Pelosi’s office last fall helped create momentum for a Green New Deal, will hold town hall meetings on the Green New Deal in more than 100 cities in April and May.

Speakers will range from members of Congress and local politicians,  to people already working to transform local economies,  to  performers, musicians, and community leaders who are getting behind the movement for a Green New Deal.

They will share plans for the coming months and provide time for discussion of local strategies for educating the public and getting politicians to endorse the Green New Deal.

The town halls will also feature new videos produced by Means of Production, the group behind Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s viral campaign ad, featuring young Sunrise leaders sharing why their communities need a Green New Deal.

Find dates and times for town halls near you here.
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Here are some Bay Area events already scheduled, with links to RSVP:

April 22, 6 PM
Shannon Leigh Associates
1455 Hayes St., San Leandro

April 24, 1:30 PM
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis St., Berkeley

April 24, 6:30. PM
Sierra Club National Headquarters
3101. Webster St., Oakland #1300

April 27, 3:30 PM
San Jose Public Library”
150 East San Fernando St., San Jose

May 1, 7:30 PM
Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley

May 4, 4:30 PM
Wally Pond (Irvington) Community Center
41885 Blacow Road, Fremont

May 7, 7 PM
Riconada Library
1213 Newell Rd., Palo Alto


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