Sunday at the Marxist Library: Reclaiming Finance.


January 19, 2014 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Niebyl-Proctor Library
6501 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

Reclaiming Finance: How Time is Stolen and can be Taken Back

In The Thief of Time Terry Pratchett imagines time as a substance that can be moved from place to place. In his novel monks guard giant jars of time and make sure it flows just how it is supposed to. Though intended as humor Terry Pratchett’s novel mirrors the reality of banking. In the current global capitalist order central banks and large financial institutions direct the flow of time through currencies and credit in order to reserve it for governments and global conglomerates. Dante Popple, a senior at Bard College at Simon’s Rock studying Politics and Philosophy, will discuss the mechanisms by which banks and governments steal time and how they can be undone, and what a socialist form of finance might look like.


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