Stop Urban Shield for Good!


March 8, 2018 all-day


March 8th Call-in & Email Supervisors

Stop Urban Shield for Good!

This is a pivotal moment in the Stop Urban Shield campaign. Get READY! This month we will mobilize to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors vote to defund Urban Shield and put an end to Sheriff Ahern’s racist policing program and weapons expo.

No money ($1.5 million), No Program.

On Tuesday, February 27th you and the Stop Urban Shield coalition helped the Alameda County Board of Supervisors understand and challenge a major report given to them by the Urban Shield Task Force. A report meant to help them decide on the continuation of Urban Shield. 3 of the 5 Supervisors (Keith Carson, Wilma Chan, and Richard Valle) actually challenged Sheriff Ahern on the impacts of militarized policing. They named racial profiling, trigger-happy cops, and called ICE terrorists in the wake of the Bay Area ICE Raids.

But, they’re scared by the Sheriff’s fear-driven campaign, and they aren’t swayed yet. We want to thank them for taking the threats to their communities seriously and for listening to their constituents. They need to know they aren’t alone in making a huge decision about emergency preparedness for their district. They need to know the people want life-affirming emergency preparedness, and that we’re with them.

Two Ways You Can Act:

1)      Email or Call Supervisors Carson, Chan and Valle (see email and phone script) by Monday, March 12th.

2)     Prepare to mobilize To   Alameda County Board of Supervisors, 1221 Oak Street, Oakland, CA.  The meeting can happen as early as next week so it is important to make calls and be on the lookout for action alerts.

This is an important moment. The Supervisors are expressing rising mistrust and anger with the Sheriff. Let’s use this moment to channel their anger into a REAL WIN. You’ve been with us a long time. Let’s STOP URBAN SHIELD.


Email & Phone Script – Please email or call the following Supervisors:


Keith Carson: phone: (510) 272-6695 or email: amy.shrago@acgov


Wilma Chan: phone: 510.272.6693 or email:


Richard Valle: phone: 510.272.6692 or email:


Hi, my name is ____ and I am a member of the Stop Urban Shield Coalition.

[If you are a resident or worker in the Supervisors District, please name that as well. For example: I am a resident of Supervisor Chan’s district. Or Supervisor Carson represents me. I work in Supervisor Valle’s district.]

I am calling/emailing to thank Supervisor [fill in the their name] for their rigorous examination of the Urban Shield Task Force report and Sheriff Ahern’s role in sponsoring racist training programs for emergency responders. As a resident of Alameda County, I am encouraged to see Supervisor [fill in their name] and others taking the impact of militarized policing on our communities and their constituents seriously.

You work everyday for a safer Alameda County. You already know Sheriff Ahern’s connections with ICE and the recent ICE raids, his support of racial profiling, and Urban Shiled (the program that builds up all of this) do not keep our communities safer. I am asking you to defund Urban Shield when it comes up for vote this month, whether it’s Tuesday March 13th or later. You have a chance to stand for life-affirming emergency preparedness in our county, and I am with you. Thank you.




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