Stand with OAK Fast Food Workers!


June 27, 2013 @ 11:00 pm – June 28, 2013 @ 1:00 am
Port of Oakland Admin Bldg
530 Water Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Sarah Norr

Port of Oakland: Don’t Let OAK Fast Food Restaurants Break the Law!

Fast food workers at the Oakland Airport have spent the past year fighting for justice on the job – but their bosses are fighting back. The National Labor Relations Board just charged the OAK Subway and Jamba Juice with breaking labor laws and firing workers who spoke out. AND the Port of Oakland found that these same employers violated the living wage and fired workers who complained about it. But so far, the employers haven’t faced real consequences.

On the one-year anniversary of the campaign for fair food at the Oakland Airport, stand with the workers as they call on the Port to enforce the law and protect workers’ rights in OUR airport!

What’s going on?

One year ago, non-union fast food workers at the Oakland Airport launched a campaign to win good jobs and safe, healthy working conditions. They demanded a fair process to decide whether to join a union, without intimidation from their bosses.

Now, the National Labor Relations Board just charged the Oakland Airport’s Subway and Jamba Juice with a host of labor law violations – including firing, disciplining and cutting hours for workers who support the union.

Meanwhile, a Port of Oakland investigation found that Subway and Jamba Juice violated the Port’s Living Wage laws and fired workers in retaliation for filing complaints. The Port ordered Subway and Jamba Juice to pay back wages and reinstate the fired whistle-blowers.

But months later Subway and Jamba Juice still have not complied with those orders. The Port has the power to impose additional fines and penalties on the restaurants, take them to court to enforce the orders, or terminate the underlying Port contracts, but it hasn’t done any of these things. A year after they were illegally fired for standing up for their rights, airport cashiers Hakima Arhab and Diamond Ford are still fighting to get their jobs back.

The Oakland Airport belongs to the people. It should provide good, secure jobs that strengthen our community – and workers shouldn’t be punished for saying so!

Come tell the Port of Oakland: take action NOW to make Subway and Jamba Juice respect their workers’ rights – and bring Hakima and Diamond back to work!


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