Stand In Solidarity with Indigenous People and Their Right to Land


September 10, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Honduran Consulate #875
870 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Convene at Honduran Consulate Sep 10th and demand the respect and saftey of the Rio Blanco Lenca community.

The Rio Blanco Lenca community in Honduras is under attack. The Honduran government signed onto an illegal concession with DESA and SINOHYDRO, against the peoples will, to build a dam on indigenous land. The concession is a direct violation of UN ILO convention 169, that clearly states the indigenous people have the right to determine their own process of development. Since the road blockade April first the community has been threatened, attacked by DESA personnel, one man has been murdered by the Honduran Military, one man has been brutality injured by the military, three people are potentially facing criminal charges and prison time, and now, as this morning Sep 5th 3am, one man was kidnapped out of his home and threatened to be tortured in front of his family including six children. The man has not be released and no one has information on where he was taken.

There is a National Day of Action all throughout Latin America as well as the United States on Sep 9th or 10th to show the Honduran government that the international community will not stand for this abuse of humanity. Please come on Tues the 10th 11-1pm Honduran Consulate, 870 market st SF to show your support and stand against the behavior of the Honduras Government and the companies involved. Please spread the word, blast the blogspot and contact if you would like to organize for this event.

Visit for details and more information.

(make signs and statements if you can)


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