Sound the Alarm for a Living Future!


April 15, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
UN Plaza, Civic Center Bart
50 United Nations Plz
San Francisco
California 94102

On March 15th, more than one million of our children marched worldwide to demand action on climate change. They told us we cannot carry on living as we have been living – and they are right. They told us we have to focus on what MUST be done rather than what is politically possible or there is no hope for them – and they are right. They told us we are stealing their future with every minute of our inaction – and they are right. On March 15th, one million children around the world told us we have less than 11 years to save them and all life from assured destruction this century… And our leaders told them to go back to school. Will you let that stand? We will not.

We are Extinction Rebellion, and we declare that when our children call us to action, we will answer!

Join us on April 15th to rise up for a living future. We will not gather to beg our leaders to care. We will gather to declare that change is coming, whether our governments like it or not. This is an emergency and it’s time we all started acting like it, adults included. So come out on April 15th as we raise our voices, our trumpets and cookware, bike bells, and boomboxes with the truth on lips! to declare this emergency for what it is and to demand that our governments worldwide do the same.

– As many additional people as possible.
– Noisemakers of every variety

– There will be 2 trainings for this demonstration: MARCH 31st & APRIL 7th. These will be posted as separate events, please look out for them.

Extinction Rebellion is a 100% non-violent civil disobedience movement aimed at nothing less than radical system change. Our rebellion is fueled by our love for humanity and for all life on earth. We face the greatest existential crisis in history, but we already have the solutions we need to prevent the suffering of billions, and we will not allow a lack of political will to bring about our extinction. Join us on April 15th and onward to Rebel for Life!


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