Socialist Night School: The Police – What’re they Good for Anyway?


July 7, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Every time protests erupt after yet another innocent black person is killed by police, “reform” is meekly offered as the solution. But what if drastically defunding the police – not reform – is the best way to stop unnecessary violence and death committed by law enforcement against communities of color?

The alternative is not more money for police training programs, hardware or oversight. It is to dramatically shrink their function. We must demand that local politicians develop non-police solutions to the problems poor people face. Instead of giving them more money for pointless training programs, let’s divert that money into building up communities and individuals so we don’t “need” violent and abusive policing.

What is the origin of the modern police force? What functions do police serve in a capitalist society? What does defunding the police actually look like? Could society really function without the police?

Join us on Zoom as we discuss these questions and more, with a talk from featured speaker Brian Bean.

Priority Reading

Interview with Alex Vitale “Policing Is Fundamentally a Tool of Social Control to Facilitate Our Exploitation” Jacobin (10 min read) **New York-based sociologist Alex Vitale weighs in on the  failures of police reform efforts and why reducing police power is one of the best solutions available for combating systemic racism and advancing working-class interests.**

Other Recommended Readings/Videos

Brian Bean The Socialist Case Against the Police Rampant (30 min read) **Police don’t solve, stop or prevent crime because they were never designed to. Cops are the tools of the bosses, from the day they were invented to today**

Brian Bean Abolish the Police Rampant (30 min read) **Cops are not part of the working class and perform no socially beneficial function. Only good things can result from abolishing the police.**



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