Sheriff Oversight Town Halls


December 13, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Those we trust to keep our community and all of
its members safe must answer when they fail to
do so. Ongoing oversight is good government.
The US Justice Department recently found
conditions in the Alameda county jail violate
constitutional rights and subject the 40% in
custody who need mental health services to
“unlawful harm.” Law suits are costing the county
millions. Our county sheriff’s department needs a
major transformation and ongoing oversight.
Assembly Bill 1185 provides for a community-based
Oversight Board and an Inspector General
with subpoena power to help supervise sheriff’s
departments and jails. This is an opportunity for
our community to gain accountability over an
extremely problematic and costly county service.
Community Advocates have a plan:

District Town Halls on oversight of Sheriff
Monday, Dec.13 – 6-8pm – D5 Supervisor Carson – REGISTER
Tuesday, Dec.14 – 6-8pm – D1 & D2 – Supervisors Haubert & Valle – REGISTER
Wednesday, Dec.15 – 6-8pm – D3 & D4 – Supervisors Brown & Miley – REGISTER

Everyone is welcome at all Community Engagement zoom Meetings, but your voice will
be most effective at your own District meeting. For information on which District is yours:
Find Your District:

Additional Information and a shareable link with all of the zoom meeting
information and suggestions to advocates for the most independent,
effective & representative oversight model, HERE:


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