Save E. 12th Coalition: Public Land for Public Good


April 25, 2023 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Oakland City Hall
Oscar Grant Plaza

WE NEED YOU to keep us winning, to secure our Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) for E12th which will be voted  at Oakland City Council’s CED meeting.

We hear there may be turnout to throw curve balls at our project, so we’d love your voices of support. Our project is committed to the diversity that won this campaign as outlined in the ENA from the BIPOC neighbors who most risk displacement to those we want to hire to build this housing. We want council members of the CED to: pass the E12th ENA for 100% affordable housing, support deeply affordable housing that the Peoples Proposal delivers, and keep Public Land for Public Good.

HERE’S THE ORDER OF IMPORTANCE FOR TURN OUT. Will you take action (at least email)?!

  1. Public comment in person at CED meeting 4/25 Tue 1:30pm. City Hall (1 Frank Ogawa Plaza). Fill out a speaker card with the City Clerk, for item #6 on E12th.
  2. Public comment by zoom or phone at CED meeting 4/25 Tue 1:30pm, for item #6 on E12th. Submit an Electronic Speaker Card to speak via zoom or phone by emailing CityClerk@OaklandCa.Gov to get on stack before the item comes up. Speaker card link:
  3. Email City Council by tomorrow morning to support our E12th ENA at Here’s a sample message:
Subject: Support E12th Peoples Proposal ENA
Dear Oakland City Council and members of CED,
I’m a supporter of the E12th community’s campaign for public land for public good, and the Peoples Proposal for 100% affordable housing on our city’s public land on E12th St. Please vote yes on the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement to build the Peoples Proposal for deeply affordable housing. Thank you! (your name)

We appreciate you for taking action. Let’s keep winning!
– Mari Rose, Dunya & the E12th Revival crew


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