Puzzles for Justice


February 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
2501 International Blvd

Love jigsaw puzzles?
Hate white supremacy?
Want to #MoveInSolidarity with #BlackSolidarityWeek?

Join us at the ACCE office in Oakland for two hours of solving puzzles to raise money for the Black Solidarity Fund, a project of Community READY Corps.

We’ll have 2500 pieces worth of puzzles and 2 hours to put together as many pieces as possible. People who want to donate to the drive will pledge a certain amount of money per piece solved*. For example, if a donor pledges to give 2 cents per piece, and we manage to complete 1500 pieces worth of puzzles, that person would donate 1500 * 2 cents = $30.

You can help out by showing up to the event as a participant and helping us solve puzzles, or by pledging to donate.

For donors, sign up to donate here: https://puzzlesforjustice.typeform.com/to/jVMVJO
and we’ll send you the total amount to donate once the event is over and we know how many pieces we managed to solve.

For participants, we’ll have food and snacks and a chance to have fun with fellow justice-minded puzzle solvers.

Solve puzzles! Sign up to donate! Fight racism! Invite your friends!


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