Protest US Escalation in Ukraine! No More Weapon Sales


June 23, 2022 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Barbara Lee's Office
1 Kaiser Plaza
CA 94612
On Thursday June 23 we will be gathering outside Rep Barbara Lee’s office in Oakland to protest her recent vote for $40 billion for the war in Ukraine. This demonstration is in conjunction with the International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine called by the Peace in Ukraine Coalition.

This massive funding package represents a clear escalation of the war in Ukraine by the government of the United States using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder in a proxy war with Russia. It will prolong the war, resulting in thousands more Ukrainian and Russian deaths, at the very least. It risks escalating and widening the scope of the war – up to and including nuclear war.

Despite promising just two months ago to “work relentlessly toward de-escalation” of the war in Ukraine, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee voted in lockstep with every Democrat in Congress behind President Biden’s war policy without voicing such questions or concerns and without a single mention of diplomacy or de-escalation. Billions in funding for the war serves the interests of weapons manufacturers and military contractors who are making huge profits from this war and not those of working and oppressed people worldwide, who now face even more dire prospects from food and fuel shortages than before the onset of this war.

Join us at Barbara Lee’s Oakland office to say:

– Vote NO on the next weapons supplemental for Ukraine and support oversight hearings on prior weapons shipments.

– Urge President Biden to back a negotiated settlement that recognizes the security interests of all stakeholders and to lift key sanctions in return for concessions from Russia.

– “Work relentlessly for de-escalation” and not for more war.


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