Protest to Stop Financing of Oakland Coal Terminal


September 12, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
780 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Come protest the Bank of Montreal’s involvement in financing Oakland’s unwanted coal terminal.

We will be demonstrating outside the conference of Principles for Responsible Investment, running concurrently with Global Climate Action Summit. Inside the conference, bankers and investors will be discussing responsible investment.

Outside we will be asking why the Bank of Montreal won’t renounce its plan to finance the Oakland coal terminal.

The Bank of Montreal has been instrumental in attempting to raise the $$ to finance the proposed coal terminal on the Oakland waterfront. They lobbied to get $50 million from the State of Utah and proposed to raise $200 million from pension funds, downplaying if not outright concealing that coal is involved. You can read more about this at

We want to stop the Bank of Montreal (which claims to practice socially responsible financing) and warn pension funds and other institutions that they may be targeted for this toxic and risky investment.

If there is no funding, there will be no terminal!

This is an informational event with leafletting, colorful banners, creative picket signs, chants, singing, and possible street theater.

You can also sign our Open Letter to the Bank of Montreal at


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