Protest Oakland Tenants – Close the Loopholes!


September 26, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Oscar Grant Plaza
500 14th St
Oakland, CA 94612

We’re teaming up with Centro Legal de la Raza in solidarity with their clients the JDW Tenants’ Association. Members occupy 13 buildings which their owner, JDW Enterprises, is attempting to exempt from rent control.  There are many loopholes in rent control, but JDW’s weapon of choice here is Substantial Rehabilitation. Normally reserved for decrepit buildings that have been fully refurbished, JDW is claiming this exemption despite the fact that they haven’t done the quantity of upgrades required to qualify. While tenants are hopeful for their upcoming hearing at the Rent Board, we all feel that this loophole should be forever banished from our Rent Adjustment Ordinance.  More details in the recent East Bay Express article.

Here are the joint Oakland Warehouse Coalition / Centro Legal de la Raza demands for City Council in this legislative season, which we will breeze through at the rally, then march right in to the Community & Economic Development Committee at 1:30pm and do the same!  Grab any of these for talking points and make your voice heard in Committee by signing up to speak at Open Forum.

  1. Close the Substantial Rehabilitation loophole that allows landlords to exempt units from rent control with minor repairs;
  2. End the owner-occupied duplex/triplex exemption from rent control and Just Cause;
  3. Require landlords to pay relocation funds for all no-fault evictions, including owner move-in evictions;
  4. Require landlords to pay relocation funds when they raise rent above 10 percent and tenants are forced to move out;
  5. Pass protections for tenants facing unfair buyout offers;
  6. Add tenant protection plans to the Building Department’s permitting process, including all non-conforming residential properties. Require immediate notification by the City to all occupants of a property when a permit application has been filed, an inspection has been scheduled, or a notice of violation has been sent;
  7. Create a routine code inspection program that prioritizes health and safety while guaranteeing no loss of housing
  8. Change Code Enforcement policy to protect existing tenants: Stop issuing notices that call for discontinuance of residential use when there is no immediate life safety concern;
  9. Prohibit discrimination based on source of income or Section 8 status; and
  10. Increase funding for proactive universal enforcement of all Oakland tenant protection laws.



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