Protest Janet Napolitano at her Visit to UC Berkeley


February 13, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sutardja Dai Hall
University of California
Berkeley, Berkeley
Spread the word! UC President Janet Napolitano is coming to UC Berkeley Thurs. Feb. 13 to Sutardja Dai Hall. No mass deporter and privatizer as UC President! Protest and make clear that we want the UC Regents to remove Napolitano and replace her with a great educator and champion of public democratic education.
Remove Janet Napolitano as President of UC System's photo.
 UC President Janet Napolitano is making her official campus visit to UC Berkeley on Thurs. Feb. 13. Students and community supporters reject Napolitano as the official head of the UC system and we will not accept a mass deporter and privatizer as our president. We demand:

-Remove Janet Napolitano as UC President and replace her with a great educator.
-Defend public education! Stop the privatization of the UC’s!
-Full citizenship rights or undocumented immigrants! Pass the Federal DREAM Act.
-Double underrepresented minority enrollment at UC Berkeley and UCLA.
-Restore Affirmative Action – Overturn Prop 209.
-BP out of UC Berkeley! Stop the Privatization of Public Education.


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