PRESS CONFERENCE: Police Terrorize, Arrest Black Unhoused Essential Service Volunteers


April 29, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

OAKLAND CA-  On Friday, April 24, officers with the Oakland Police Dept profiled, detained, and arrested two volunteers of The Village in Oakland as they were arriving to the East Oakland Collective’s parking lot for a meeting. 

The two groups, the two volunteers who endured the police terror, and other witnesses are filing a complaint with the Oakland Police Commission demanding a full investigation of the incident and all OPD personnel involved, and an accounting of what resources were involved in the operation. They are calling on Mayor Libby Schaff to commandeer the 1,500 unused hotel rooms in Oakland immediately and pass them on Oakland members of the statewide #NoVacancyCa campaign for management. 


*Zoom Info:

            Footage of part of the incident was recorded and went viral. Details of incident below

Aiyahanna Johnson and Leon “Aki” Young, both themselves unhoused, had been distributing pet food, drinking water, and essential harm reduction items such as masks and hand sanitizers to encampments all over Oakland as volunteers with The Village. They had just left a hotel in Deep East Oakland where The Village purchased four hotel rooms to Shelter In Place unhoused Oaklanders, including Young.

“Cops are not essential service. Outreach and harm reduction are essential. We are essential workers on the frontlines. We were serving our fellow unhoused Oakland residents before Covid19, during Covid19, and we will be here after Covid19,” said Johnson. “We want attention to be brought on how the Oakland Police Department (OPD), and the local government continues to terrorize Black and unhoused leaders.


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