Press Conference: Fire the OPD Chief!


March 21, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheatre, Steps of City Hall
500 14th St.

Coalition for Police Accountability to the Federal Monitor-Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick Must Be Removed

Oakland, CA.-  The Coalition for Police Accountability, comprising more than 25 groups and individuals, will hold a press conference in front of City Hall calling on Federal Compliance Director, Robert Warshaw, to fire Police Chief Kirkpatrick based on his own findings in the police shooting death of Joshua Pawlik, according to the East Bay Times, “she went light on cops who made serious errors and ignored a key piece of evidence, according to internal documents released Wednesday.”

Coalition leader, Rashidah Grinage, states, “The Compliance Director has the authority to do what is needed. It’s in his job description to remove impediments to compliance.” Coalition members have concerns about other aspects of the chief’s leadership, among them:

  1. Promoting officers implicated in the cover-up of the sex trafficking scandal,
  2. Covering up her part in authorizing OPD to assist in the flawed ICE raid which had been prohibited by city policy,
  3. Allowing the department to slip backward in its 16-year struggle to comply with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement.

In addition to replacing the chief, the Coalition calls on the mayor, city administrator, and city council to ensure that the Police Commission has the independence and resources it needs to bring OPD into compliance.

As Oakland attorney Henry Gage said in The Oakland Post this week, “The Chief of Police has failed to deliver appropriate consequences, and by doing so, she is making true accountability impossible.”


The Press Conference calling for the Oakland Police Chief’s termination has been postponed for one week (originally called for March 14th) out of respect for the tragic loss of Oakland City Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney’s son. Our City mourns the loss of her child.



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