Perils of 5G-Our Streets, Our Choice?!


January 17, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Thousand Oaks Baptist Church
1821 Catalina Ave near Colusa
north Berkeley.

Our Streets Our Choice* with 5G expert Dafna TACHOVER, Esq. and Karl MARET, MD/electrical engineer.
Hosted by WiRED (Wireless Radiation Education and Defense)
RSVP requested but not required via fb or email: 5GfreeBerkeley [at]

5th Generation (not to be confused with 5 Gigahertz) wireless telecom facilities (WTF) will drastically increase: surveillance, hacking, fire risk, interference with weather prediction, property devaluations, energy use, worker endangerment, industrial clutter, co$t to cities and individuals, adverse health & environmental effects due to radiation! (For more info, see Jenny Miller’s IndyBay news item and click “science” on the Environmental Health Trust website.)

Dafna TACHOVER Esq MBA is one of the world’s leading experts on the topic of 5G and wireless telecom, featured in TIME, Newsweek, CNN, NY Magazine, Epoch Times, etc. After serving as a telecommunications and computer officer in the IDF, she became an attorney in NY and Israel and founded We Are The Evidence, an advocacy organization that protects the rights of people injured by wireless tech radiation. She is Senior Attorney and Director of the 5G Program at Robert Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense. She argued an Israeli Supreme Court case which led to the 1st limitations in the world on the use of Wi-Fi in schools. She also appears in documentaries including the award-winning Generation Zapped.

Dr. Karl MARET is Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy in Washington, D.C. He holds an M.D. degree, a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Years ago, he worked in electromagnetic field (EMF) research for the Canadian military. He is uniquely capable of addressing both EMF biological effects and complexities of next generation 4G and 5G technologies. He educates physicians and serves on the Advisory Board of the Bldg Biology Institute which trains architects, engineers, health practitioners and environmental consultants on the interrelationship between the natural and built environments.

Hear world-renouned Dafna Tachover Esq. and Dr. Karl Maret in person! They present internationally. Jan 16 and 17 panel discussions and Jan 12 events at BFUU are FREE, but DONATIONS are urgently needed for an attorney. To make a tax deductible donation, write a check to fiscal sponsor, EON. Put “WiRED” on the memo line. Get “Big Telecom v earth and We the People of Berkeley” merchandise from Peace Gifts:


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