Oakland Greens Present an evening with Rosa Clemente


October 25, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
When An Afro-Latina Woman Ran For Vice-President And Nobody Knew Her Name

The time is now and, in fact, long passed for the people to really take control over the systems that affect them. Our current political system excludes any voices that would challenge the status quo. In 2008 the Green Party of the “Un-United States” nominated such a powerful ticket headed by McKinney/Clemente and still received no love from even the so-called progressive media.

Rosa Clemente will join us over ZOOM for their presentation entitled “When An Afro-Latina Woman Ran For Vice-President And Nobody Knew Her Name”

The Oakland Greens are excited about this event and have worked for some time to be able to host this dynamic speaker, educator, and activist to discuss why “Nobody Knew her Name” with questions and answers on where we go from here.

For me it’s not only about holding the President, the House of Representatives, or the United States Senate accountable. Holding public officials accountable is important, but building a multiracial social justice movement is a necessity for our very existence.

– Rosa Clemente


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