Oakland City Council – Special Meeting


December 18, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Oakland City Hall, Oscar Grant Plaza
500 14th St
Oakland, CA 94612

One item of particular interest on the agenda :


Subject: Fiscal Year 2017 Urban Area Security Initiative Program Grant Agreement
From: Oakland Fire Department
Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator, Or Her Designee To: A) Enter Into The Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Grant Administration Agreement With The City And County Of San Francisco; B) Accept, Appropriate, And Administer Up To One Million One Hundred Ninety-Two Thousand Five Hundred Nine Dollars ($1,192,509.00) In Said UASI Grant Funds For Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2017; C) Approve The FY 2017 UASI Recommended Spending Plan; D) Authorize A Contribution From The General Purpose Fund In An Amount Equivalent To The Department’s Central Services Overhead (CSO) Charges Affiliated With Said Grant Estimated At Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred Fifty-Seven Dollars ($17,157.00) For Fy 2017-2018 And Fifty-One Thousand, Four Hundred Seventy-One Dollars ($51,471.00) For FY 2018-2019; And E) Expend Funds In Accordance With Said Recommended Spending Plan without Further Council Approval, Including Purchases In Excess; Of The City Adminstrator’s Purchasing Authority Of Equipment And Services Required By The Grant, Provided Federal And City Advertising, Bidding And Request For Proposal/Qualification Requirements And Oakland’s Purchasing And Requirements And Programs/Policies Are Followed


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