February 15, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Jane Warner Plaza
17th & Castro
San Francisco

Nothing could be more ignorant and hypocritical than criminalizing the human body in a city that is named after a preacher who preached in the nude.

In early 2013 a law was passed in San Francisco that is commonly called “the nudity ban”. According to this law you can go to jail for a year for merely taking off your clothes on a warm summer day. (That’s if you do it 3 times in a year. If it is your first or second time you get a $100 fine.)

Nothing could be more hypocritical than criminalizing God’s creation – the human body.

Criminalizing genitals is no different from criminalizing flowers – they are plant’s genitals. Imagine if flowers had to be covered. Imagine if plants got thrown in jail for blooming and showing their flowers.

And what about animals? Imagine having to put underwear on your dog and worrying that if your dog rips it off it will be thrown in jail.

How come we have less rights than dogs and flowers?

It’s time to legalize humans!

NUDE LOVE PARADE will start on Saturday, February 15th at 11 am in Jane Warner Plaza. We start marching at noon (hopefully). We will loop around a bunch and end up at Haight and Stanyan.

The parade is fully permitted by the SFPD, no one will get arrested nor cited.

Come join us! We want to see you naked.


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