North Oakland Supply Drive for Local Encampments


August 8, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Greetings Fam! We are asking for your love and support to provide hot meals, sanitation and care kits to 500 of our unhoused neighbors. Here are the dates we will be at the Omni to set up, Packing and clean-up:
– SUNDAY AUGUST 9, 10a-1pm
MAIN Prep day: Saturday August 15
MAIN Distribution day: Sunday August 16.
We are asking OUR HOUSED neighbors to contribute hygiene supplies, canned food, bottled water, rain gear, tarps, garbage bags, $$ et al to be redistributed on Sunday June 21st to encampments in North Oakland and surrounding ares during this time of COVID 19. We will sanitize and package your donations add a hot packaged meal and fresh fruit to the care kits to be distributed to North Oakland Encampments and surrounding encampments.
***We need YOUR HELP!!!! If you have any of the items below that you can donate to your unhoused neighbors please do one of the following things:
-Drop off at 4799 Shattuck Ave (OMNI Commons)
-We can PICK UP FROM YOUR PORCH Sunday AM (for address within ~2.5 miles of 4799 Shattuck Ave)
**fill out this form or email Diana at / text +1 510 898 6992 and volunteers will pick up from your porch (also email if you have a car and can pick up or redistribute)
Items we need:
– canned food: tuna, beans, jams, peanut butter, meats, soups, etc.
– Bagged rice, beans/pulses
– ramen, mac & cheese (easy to heat)
– Frozen Meats/Tofu (for future meals)
– bottled water
– juice packs
– Vitamin C tablets/EmergenC
– New tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant
– soap (bar and liquid)
– pads and tampons
– hand sanitizer
– New wrapped toilet paper/paper towels
– Disinfectant Wipes
– Rubbing Alcohol/Bleach
– Unopened masks/gloves
– New in Package: socks and underwear
-Homemade masks
– rain gear
– tents
– tarp
– Garbage bags
– 2-5 gallon water containers with spigots
– Dog Food
– $$$ Donate
– Ziplock Bags
– batteries
Donate $$$ on Facebook:
We will be organizing on an ongoing basis so funds or supplies not distributed will go out the following weeks.
Want to stay plugged in with the community restorative justice rapid response team? Text communityrj to 33222.
Partners for this distribution include: North Oakland Restorative Justice Council, Self Help Hunger Program, PLACE for Sustainable Living, Critical Resistance, Omni Commons and more to follow.
***As for safety we are a small group and we are wearing gloves and masks and sanitizing our items and maintaining recommend distances from each other and limiting numbers of involved people.

Sign up to volunteer for a shift for the main day. Some roles include people to help assemble bags, folks with cars to help caravan the supplies to the unhoused, etc. Please email Diana at / text +1 510 898 6992 to do so.

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