No One is Illegal – Open Borders Reading Group


January 23, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
East Bay DSA Office
3832 Market St.

As workers, we need to understand our history and join with others to change it.

What is the history of the US border? Who benefits from restrictions on immigration? Why is border enforcement getting more and more violent? Why have elite funded racist vigilantism and even the literal murder of immigrant labor organizers?

Join us in reading No One Is Illegal by Justin Akers Chacon and Mike Davis, hosted by the East Bay DSA Racial Solidarity Committee. On our first meeting (this Thursday, January 23) we will discuss Part 1 of the book.

“In No One Is Illegal Justin Akers Chacón and Mike Davis expose the racism of anti-immigration vigilantes and put a human face on the immigrants who daily risk their lives to cross the border to work in the UnitedStates,” writes Haymarket Books.

We welcome all, and will prioritize making a space that is accessible and safe for immigrants and POC. We will have POC facilitators who will use progressive stack and community agreements to make sure voices that are historically marginalized can be heard. If you don’t get all the reading done, no problem — come discuss this book in a casual, comradely setting.

Please consider obtaining your copy through a local library, bookstore or the official Haymarket site as opposed to Amazon!

A limited number of copies in both English and Spanish are available based on need.

We look forward to reading with you!


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