Migrant Solidarity from the Border to the Bay


February 8, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis St
CA 94703

81726469_582561895923116_7075256697949782016_nAs the Trump administration escalates its xenophobic war in the Middle East, it continues its brutal war on immigrants. Thousands of migrants await justice in shelters, border camps, and private detention facilities across the U.S and México. In spite of the inhumane immigration policies, people are still arriving at the border seeking asylum and 25,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico to begin their asylum process.

Join the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), the Interfaith Movement 4 Human Integrity (IM4HI), and SURJ-Bay Area for an evening of sharing, solidarity and action to address the following questions:

What’s *really* happening in Border cities from California to Texas? How are migrants successfully negotiating the new normal along the border?

How are everyday people building solidarity with migrants and asylum seekers under the conditions that have been newly imposed in Mexico and in the US?

What are the links between Trump’s war on immigrants with the Administration’s foreign policy agenda in Latin America, the Middle East and beyond?

What can I do to support asylum-seekers and migrants at the border and here in the Bay Area?

Speakers include:
* Reverend Deborah Lee – IM4HI – Executive Director
* Leila Sayed-Taha – AROC – Immigration Attorney
* Recently arrived migrant will speak firsthand of their migration journey and the systemic hurdles crossed.

We’ll also hear from Bay Area volunteers who recently traveled to Tijuana and Matamoros/Brownsville to work with border-based organizations and will have discussion groups at the end of the program for people interested in sponsoring migrants, being on a accompaniment team, and/or volunteering at the Tijuana border.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Al Otro Lado, an organization that provides legal services for migrants and asylum seekers based in Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México.



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