Mass Solidarity Meeting to Support Public Education


December 15, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave.


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California has the 5th largest economy in the world and the wealthiest in the nation but ranks only 48th in class size and 43rd in per-pupil funding. In terms of relative economic opportunity, California is 48th in cost of living and 49th in housing affordability.

Both United Teachers of Los Angeles and Oakland Education Association are fighting to improve student learning conditions that are their working conditions, for fair wages for educators and support staff, to decrease class size and caseload reductions, and support community schools, all made possible through increased funding that our students and schools deserve.

We are building towards coordinated local, regional, and statewide actions to fight for progressive and fully funded schools in all of California’s 1,050 districts; to defend public education against privatization and the further erosion of union sector jobs which fight to preserve decent working conditions for their workers, and to connect with struggles for social, racial, and economic justice so our students and communities can thrive.

OEA and UTLA are in intense contract negotiations and gearing up for possible strikes this coming winter. In response to the realtime needs of both UTLA and OEA, California Educators Rising is shifting the focus of this event on 12/15 (on the same day as UTLA’s “March for Public Education”) to a gathering of local union members, including OEA leaders and organizers, and community allies to build labor-community support for a possible OEA strike. We will engage in solidarity actions (photos, social media, art, etc) to support UTLA’s public march on the same day, and build our network of rank-and-file supporters that stand in solidarity with each other across the Bay. The more unions and adjacent organizations that participate in strike support, the better for the overall health and strength of the labor movement.

We envision this public meeting as an active participatory space that will build a network of rank and file union members and community allies who will support strike solidarity with OEA and UTLA and build towards future actions in the fight for fully and progressively funded public education in California. We welcome union members, community allies, and anyone in the Bay Area (and CA!) to join us on this date. We stand together with OEA and UTLA in the fight for the schools all our students deserve! Location and other details to be announced soon.

The meeting will include speakers, art, music, story shares and organizing meetings.

We welcome endorsements and participation from unions, organizations, and community groups for this mass meeting so that we can build the strongest base of support for OEA/UTLA and public education in California. We will also be showing our solidarity with UTLA’s “March for Public Education” happening on the same day.

If you are a member of a local union or community group, please bring this information back to your membership, and endorse here:


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