Human Banner: “NO WALL!”


February 18, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
The Pergola at Lake Merritt
542 Grand

Oakland’s First** Human Banner: “NO WALL!”

(**Believed to be) OAKLAND’S FIRST “human banner.” We will spell out NO WALL! with our bodies, and give the news helicopters a visual to go with their stories on the day’s nationwide rallies and their ongoing coverage of this saga. The event will be very short and, we hope, very sweet. No speeches, just aerial art. We will unfurl an actual USA flag (30 x 50 feet, held taut by some of the participants), and on the adjacent lawn area we will arrange our bodies (standing up, not lying down) to spell out “NO WALL!” in 50-foot lettering that will stretch 110 feet across the grass.


Please arrive BY 12:00 and take an instruction sheet from a volunteer and go with the flow. 500 people will fill the lettering tightly (fewer folks will also work just fine), and if we have more than 500 we’ll create a colorful human border around the message. We’re hoping for news helicopter(s?) overhead between 12:15 and 12:20 or so. If you arrive at 12:30, you will almost certainly miss the event. Further instructions at the event site on Monday, or via updates at this MoveOn page.


NOTES: — Signs are welcome, as they always add spice to an event — Wear whatever color of clothing you’d like — Monday’s weather prediction is good (sunny, zero percent chance of rain, negligible wind), but the grass will be at least damp from recent rains, so please do wear appropriate footwear…


Directions: The street address (542 Grand) is approximate. To reach the actual site, go to the Pergola (the arches and columns at the northeast tip of Lake Merritt, right near the Grand Lake Theater and Farmer’s Market area), and walk 150 yards to the southwest, toward downtown Oakland.

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