How We Win: Workshop by George Lakey & Kazu Haga


February 2, 2020 @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
1924 Cedar
Sliding scale $20 - $80

It’s a good time to take a fresh look at what has worked in times of trouble, and share what we have learned about successful campaigning that gives hope for the future.” – George Lakey.

These times call for new and creative tactics in order to make changes to the status quo.

Explore: What makes nonviolent direct action campaigns relevant now? What about polarization? How do we build stronger campaigns? Can campaigns build a movement of movements that can deliver really big changes?

Expect: experiential activities, small group work, a big picture, affirmation of your own power.

Activist, sociologist and author George Lakey has been on the forefront of social change for five decades, leading social change workshops on five continents and heading projects on local, national and international levels. His latest book, How We Win, details how we can achieve needed social change.

Kazu Haga is the founder of the East Point Peace Academy, as well as a core member of the Ahimsa Collective and a trainer in Kingian Nonviolence, a philosophy developed out of teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His book, Healing Resistance, will be released January 14th.

Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee of BFUU, and the Social and Environmental Action Committee of the Berkeley Society of Friends.

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