The Fight Against Privatization Of Education & Public Services Conference


October 18, 2014 @ 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
City College of San Francisco, Science Building Hall Room 100, Ocean Campus
50 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

The Fight Against Privatization Of Education & Public Services Conference:
Stop Union Busting, Outsourcing, Workplace Bullying
For A National Campaign To Defend Public Services and Public Education

A massive coordinated attacks is taking place through privatization and deregulation to destroy public services and public education throughout the country and internationally. This conference will look at the history of this attack, who is doing it including through the use of technology, how they are doing it and how we can organize, educate and uniting all public workers and the communities to fight back and win.
Conference Issues
> Overview and history deregulation, charters, Ideology of privatization of public services and civil society, racism, Post Office, Education, Transit Workers, City Workers, State Workers, Federal privatization military, attack pensions, concession bargaining, non-profits NGOs
> Role of Governor Brown and politicians In California along with Obama and Education Secretary Arnie Duncan
> Role of unions in education, transit, public services
> International role of privatization Greece, Ukraine, Argentina, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Russia, El Salvador
> Strategy and Agenda For National Campaign Against Privatization, Education workers strike statewide, Campaign against Vergara decision and more segregation of education.
> The Struggle In Ferguson, Racism and Lessons of the struggle to protect education and public services
> Media Channel, Program for the fight back and regional and national rallies against privatization and privatizers

 Initial Speakers:

Brenda Barros SEIU 1021, George Wright AFT 1493 retired, Rick Baum AFT 2121 Lecturer, Bob Price AFT 2121 CCSF, Dorian Maxwell TWU 250 Former Member, Anand Vaidya, Associate Professor CSUSJ, Sean Gillis IFPTE Local 21 Political Director Oakland Unit M
> 10:00AM Areas of privatization and the affect on labor and the communities
> 12: 30 Lunch & Video “Crenshaw” About The Reconstitution Of LAUSD Crenshaw High School
> 1:15 PM Ferguson, Militarization, Role of Democrats and Unions/Non Profits
> 200 PM International Role of Privatization-Lessons From Around The US & The World
> 3:00 PM Strategies and Action Program To Fight Privatization locally, regionally & internationally
> 4:00 PM Conference Closes


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