Faces of Houselessness: It Could Happen To Anyone


February 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Berkeley Animal Rights Center
2425 Channing Way
California 94704

A lot of people have not heard in depth details of what people who are in the circumstance of not having a house to live in, go through. Join us at the Berkeley Animal Rights Center for a personal presentation from Robin Housley about that subject exactly with a surprise guest.

This surprise guest, due to a life threatening illness, lost their job while getting medical treatment and subsequently lost their place of residence. They were living without a house for nearly three years on the streets, primarily in San Francisco and the East Bay Area, before being able to get back into permanent housing. They will speak about their experience and where it has lead them.

Robin Housley has recently lived without a house spending around 2 years on the streets of Berkeley and is still active in being friends with individuals he met on his journey. He will be speaking about some of his activism, experiences and transformations throughout living without a house that forced a light in parts of him and society at large.

This is a DINNER SHARE event! Please bring a completely vegan dinner dish or side dish or drink to this event. Thank you all so much and we hope to see you there.


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