Effective Implementation of AB1185: Community Oversight of Alameda County Sheriff & Jail


October 14, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ Public Protection Committee is
taking up further AB1185 sheriff/jail oversight implementation
planning on Thursday, October 14th @ 10am. Make Your Voice Heard.
Links will be posted here: https:// bos.acgov.org/ committee-meetings/
Your emails to the Committee prior to the Oct 14th meeting can be sent
to Chair Valle, richard.valle@acgov.org and Supervisor Miley at
nate.miley@acgov.org supporting the principles that ICJJ, FIAEB, CPA
and allies are advocating (link) For additional followup information,
contact Bruce @ brucds@pacbell.net


Faith In Action East Bay, the Interfaith Coalition for
Justice in our Jails (ICJJ) and Coalition for Police
Accountability (CPA) have begun organizing broad
community support for implementation of the most
effective possible oversight of the Alameda County
Sheriff’s Office (ACSO). We know ACSO, which
includes control of Santa Rita Jail among its
assignments, has a record of the highest number of
inmate deaths and lawsuits in the region. Further the
US Department of Justice and ongoing lawsuits have
documented failure to provide adequate custodial
mental health services, and a variety of other practices
have been deemed violations of constitutional rights.
Members of the Board of Supervisors’ Public
Protection Committee, Chair Richard Valle of
District 1 and District 4 Supervisor Nate Miley, have
demonstrated serious interest in implementation of the
recent state law, AB1185, providing for communitybased
oversight boards and an office of Inspector
general, both with subpoena powers. FIAEB, CPA and
ICJJ have done extensive research.

We’ve identified several core principles:

First, we need both a community-based Oversight Board
as well as a professional, full-time Inspector General,
both with subpoena power and full access to all relevant
records and information related to ACSO law
enforcement operations in Santa Rita Jail.

Second, appointment of the community board, which
power is vested in the Board of Supervisors by state law,
should be a transparent, inclusive process with open
applications and evaluation of candidates from diverse
experience by an appointed selection panel which will
provide the Supervisors with the panel’s
recommendations. Current or former law enforcement
personnel will not be eligible to serve on the Board.

Third, it is essential that both the Inspector General
and the Oversight Board have legal counsel completely
independent of the County Counsel, which has conflicts
of interest as legal representative of the sheriff and
county in civil suits related to Santa Rita and the sheriff.

Fourth, the Board and office of Inspector General need
dedicated and adequate funding for administrative,
policy, community engagement and investigative staff –
we recommend a baseline of funding equivalent to 1% of
the sheriff’s budget.

Fifth, all Oversight Board meetings shall be open to the
public, with mandated public town halls and reports on
issues of community concern.

Full AB1185 Advocates Coalition Letter HERE:



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