Earth Strike Bay Area Meeting


June 3, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
3124 Shattuck Ave.

Twitter: @EarthStrikeSFBA

Facebook: @EarthStrikeBA

We, the people of the world, are striking to save our planet. Leading climate scientists have warned that we only have until 2030 to prevent global temperature increases from exceeding 1.5ºC. At that time, many effects of Climate Change will be irreversible, and the consequences will be dire. If the global average temperature increases reach 2°C, the results will be catastrophic; famine, droughts, floods, wildfires, the spread of infectious diseases and mass extinction– all on an unprecedented global scale. It would mean the collapse of the human race. According to the Carbon Disclosure Project’s 2017 Carbon Majors Report, 71% of all industrial greenhouse gas emissions come from just 100 companies worldwide. Big business does not serve the interests of the environment or a sustainable future, and by extension, the interests of humanity and life itself. A drastic change in course is imperative to avert catastrophe. To address this potentially catastrophic event, our protests will raise awareness for the global general strike, beginning September 27, 2019. Until all the world’s corporations and governments are held accountable to the needs of the common person, we refuse to participate in a system that only serves to line their pockets. Under the provisions of our protests, there will be no banking, no offices full of employees, no schools full of children, until our demands are met. We refuse to function in a society and political system that is complacent in the environmental demise of our planet.

Earth Strike is not made up of political elites. We are not funded by Super PACs. We are not servants to corporate masters. We are not interested in being re-elected. We do not kowtow to institutions of power. We are people, common people, who understand the alarming situation we are facing, and we demand something be done. We have no vested interests, save one: the survival of all life on the planet. Earth Strike is a global movement with Chapters all over the world, building momentum and solidarity across country and state lines, through concerned communities, and spanning every person with the conscience to recognize the noble goal of the preservation of our home. Based in the idea of solidarity, Earth Strike is a coalition of horizontally-organized, popular, workers movement to save the very existence of life on earth. As an inhabitant of this earth, we urge you to join us, to mitigate and prepare for the effects of Climate Change. Spread our demands, organize with your community, and take a stand for the future, our future.

The Earth shall go on Strike!

Our Demands

  • Enact energy systems of community-led renewable energies
    • Wind-down and end all fossil fuel extraction, and become totally carbon neutral by 2035
    • End all pipeline projects
    • Guarantee the sovereignty of indigenous lands with regards to government and government sponsored projects involving their land
    • Democratically determine and allocate community led renewable energy initiatives
    • Fund and expand carbon neutral and fare-free public transit
  • Prepare for Climate Change and protect those most harmed
    • Aid communities displaced by climate catastrophes with a focus on rebuilding sustainable infrastructure, including providing state-level aid to United States territories for natural disasters
    • Increase funding for FEMA by at least 50%
    • Offer a grant program to people who lose their means of survival due to energy transition
    • Improve FEMA to better serve the needs of communities
      • End the FEMA 50% rule and all regulations that base community aid on market values of property.
      • Train FEMA and other disaster response personnel to work with low income and homeless, people of color, and other marginalized communities
      • End the use of military/police forces in disaster relief programs
      • Provide transportation and lodging in evacuation situations for everyone, prioritizing at-risk communities.
    • Protect workers by repealing the Taft-Hartley Act
    • Include climate change and environmental safety in collective bargaining and union negotiations with employers
    • Retrofit buildings for energy efficiency and disaster resilience
    • Build climate-adaptive infrastructure
  • Improve sustainability of agricultural processes
    • End all subsidies to the meat industry
    • Regulate large-scale agriculture to reduce methane emissions, limit hazardous runoff, and preserve biodiversity.
    • End factory farming and create significantly stricter regulations in regard to quality of life for livestock
    • Further research and development on addressing dairy and other animal agriculture related environmental concerns.
    • Cattle must be fed diet of at least 50% grass grazing and the rest will be supplemented with grain and forages with less than 10% corn
    • Enact non-retaliation policies to limit large company’s control over individual farmers’ agricultural practices
    • End seed patents on genetically modified crops
    • Incentivize planting native/food gardens on residential properties
    • In conjunction with the above, ban lawn grass.
    • Incentivize local production/consumption of food
  • Sustainably manage resources
    • Mindfully manage potable water resources, and the inclusion of rainwater into irrigation and waste systems
    • Limit logging to only what can be replanted in the span of 1 year and enforce that replanting occurs
    • Deprivatize and municipalize all water supplies

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