Desperate Holdings (un) real estate: Dis-Investment Manual


October 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Wolfman Books
410 13th St
California 94612

Performance and Presentation of the Feminist Economics Department’s (the FED) pamphlet called:

Desperate Holdings (un) Real Estate: Dis-Investment Strategy
written by Cassie Thornton

++Freshly published pamphlet by TRIPWIRE,� a journal of poetics++

with contributions from
Tara Spalty
Ann Schnake
Danielle Wright
Sarah Rowe
Yasmin Golan
Lizabeth Rossof
Dawn Kceul
Lindsay Tunkl
Cassie Thornton
and an introduction by Leigh Claire La Berge

Blurb about the book:
Real estate always combines the most real—the tangible, immovable problem of land, space, the built environment—of capitalism with its opposite: fantasies of ownership, power and domination, and ultimately the fantasy that once the physical reality of capitalism takes shape, it becomes impervious to change. Thus real estate has a dark history. In the ante-bellum American South, slaves were a form of real estate and thereby adjudicated. In the massive, federally subsidized post-war expansions of suburbs and cities, people of color were routinely “red-lined” out of forms of capitalist real estate. And, of course, all the real estate of continental North America is already a site of eviction and genocide.

Desperate Holdings seeks to both reveal these processes and to ask: might they be different? Might there be a remainder? Might other lands and places come into being? We cannot know these answers in advance, but we can hold open a hope that other answers exist. In Desperate Holdings that potential is located in a small piece of (un) real estate, some clay extracted from an excavation site of an office tower in San Francisco. Cassie travels with this clay, fantasizes about it, offers to share it and ship it, and holds it close as it now functions as “the last land a non-millionaire can touch” in San Francisco. Under her stewardship, the clay changes form. It becomes “liquid real estate.”

-Leigh Claire La Berge

*This project tells the story underneath the immersive real estate/spa installation at Dream Farm Commons in spring 2019.

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