Defend Wood Street Homeless Encampment as City of Oakland Attacks


November 5, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am
West Grand and Wood St.
(2217 Wood St.) Oakland CA
Dayton Andrews

The United Front Against Displacement, an organization composed of Homeless and housed activists, is holding a rally Tues., Nov. 5 at 8 am on West Grand and Wood St., (2217 Wood St.) to defend the Wood Street encampment. The residents have been repeatedly threatened by the City of Oakland with the towing and seizure of their vehicles, shelters and personal property.

The City of Oakland and the Oakland Police Department have been harassing a local encampment on Wood Street, issuing them a series of “notices to tow” by claiming that their shelters were abandoned or inoperable, subject to tow and removal. Residents have been given three contradicting warnings to vacate.

Confusion has been heightened as city officials have backed away from previous promises of expanded services in the area. Residents and activists have mobilized over the last year against treatment by the city of Oakland by rallying at the Oakland City Hall. At the Nov. 5 action, residents and homeless advocates will come together in an attempt to stop the evictions on Wood St. and West Grand Ave. and fight back against this latest upcoming attack on their community.


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