#DeCOALonlize Oakland: Boycott Tagami’s Rotunda Building


November 21, 2017 @ 11:45 am – 1:00 pm
Oakland Rotunda Building - Oscar Grant Plaza
300 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

Last year, Oakland developer Phil Tagami tried to build a coal transport terminal in our town. But workers, youth, and community members came together to win an historic ban on coal. Now Tagami is suing in Federal Court to try to force the City of Oakland to accept his dirty coal terminal. We’re fighting back.

Last month, two hundred of us went to Phil Tagami’s house in the hills. This month, we go to Tagami’s Rotunda Building in downtown to launch a boycott of his swanky event space. Every dollar spent at the Rotunda Building is a dollar that Phil Tagami can use to try to force toxic coal dust on working class black and brown communities in Oakland.

After a raucous practice picket, we will enjoy a community meal prepared by the youth of Abundant Beginnings — a reminder that we can hold celebrations in community, not just in the decadent digs of developers. Please note: this is not a “Thanksgiving” meal. We reject the genocidal roots of Thanksgiving and stand with indigenous peoples fighting for land, water, air, and sovereignty.

Join us for an art party to support the action on Saturday, Nov. 18th from 2-4PM. Location TBA.

#DeCOALonizeOakland #BoycottTheRotunda #DroptheLawsuit #TrynaBreathe #Youth4CleanAir #Workers4CleanAir

Climate Workers | brooke@movementgeneration.org | www.climateworkers.org


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