Day of Solidarity With the Colombian Resistance


October 16, 2013 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Consulado de Colombia
595 Market Street #1190
San Francisco, CA 94105

End all U.S. military aid to Colombia, and close the U.S. military bases

Repeal the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade agreement

End the Repression of the Agrarian, Labor and Popular Movements!

Free Hubert Ballesteros; unionist, peasant rights and peace activist!

Support negotiations with Colombian popular movements

Stop the exploitation of Colombian human and natural resources by U.S. corporations, including Chiquita, Drummond, and Monsanto

Colombia has suffered from mass repression, poverty, and displacement, among other things, for many years but the resistance has grown and unified. After a long peasant movement in Catatumbo this year, popular sectors of the country called for a general strike on August 19. The movement grew nationwide and many organizations participated, making it the largest mass movement in the country in many years. It is still in process and some of the demands are being negotiated with the government at this moment.

It is important to support the Colombian mass movement here in the U.S. The US has had an infamous role in supporting repressive forces in Colombia in order to make way for the large US corporations, the maquiladoras, mining, banking, etc. They want Colombia to be the right wing trampoline for control and intervention in the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean by building a strong right wing government.

We need to become informed of the role of the US in Colombia and Latin America, support resistance movements and show the world that the resistance to US imperialism is everywhere. Join our demonstration in San Francisco.The movement in Colombia has issued a worldwide call to progressives, unionists and justice loving people everywhere to support the peace process in Colombia.

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