Conference: The Coming 2020 Election Crisis


October 5, 2019 all-day
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis Street at Ashby

“The Coming 2020 Election Crisis” Conference Oct. 5,6, in Berkeley

The National Voting Rights Task Force (NVRTF) is proud to announce its 3rd National Election Integrity Conference – “The Coming 2020 Election Crisis – In Paper We Trust” – Sat. and Sun., 10 am – 6 pm.

The 2020 Primary and General Elections are just around the corner.   But will everyone who wants to vote be able to? Will all the votes be counted as cast? How secure will the elections be? Will they be hacked? And, if so, will we even know it? What are the major problems that are looming? And what can we do to both secure the elections and to verify that the declared winners are the actual winners?

Come join us to learn from election experts, activists, researchers, and reporters from around the country. We have assembled an incredibly wide and deep pool of speakers to enlighten us on every aspect of our elections, the major problems of which they are both intensely familiar and have been deeply involved in researching, fighting and attempting to correct for many years.

With the help of all of our speakers we hope to both enlighten you with a comprehensive and detailed picture of our current situation, the problems confronting us, what is being done to correct them, and what we all can do to help them and ourselves to get to honest, transparent, and verifiable elections.   Our country and planet is at stake.   The stakes can’t be higher.

Please join us at our best ever 3rd National Election Integrity Conference Go to – “nvrtf” as in National Voting Rights Task Force.

We have over 20 confirmed speakers whose pictures, bios, and presentation topics can be found by paging down at the above website and clicking on “Conference Speakers Announced” or by getting there directly at:

Purchase early-bird tickets by going to and clicking on “Early Bird Conference Tickets on Sale Now” or getting there directly

I hope you’ll join us at this conference. It will definitely be wort your while. Early-bird tickets are available at: prices are extremely reasonable for a two-day conference.   We are out to spread the word, not make money.


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