Car Caravan at Lake Merritt: Protect City Services


May 26, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
pin 207 E 18th St

Tell Oakland City Council and Mayor Schaaf: Protect our public services!
Circle Lake Merritt

STARTING POINT: Lucky’s parking lot by Lake Merritt


Mayor Schaaf will be announcing her budget proposal on Tuesday, May 26. During this crisis, in which public services are needed more than ever, we reject all cuts to city services. The City needs to use its ‘rainy day’ reserve money meant for times like this. We are going to caravan around Lake Merritt to show the City Council and Mayor Schaaf that Oakland is united against austerity budgets.

In our fight against austerity, we are confronting both poverty and racism. African-Americans are more likely to die of COVID-19 than any other group in the U.S. Meanwhile, over 70% of city employees are people of color, and almost 40% are African-American. Attacking city workers will only deepen the pain of this crisis for Oakland’s working-class black neighborhoods. To fulfill the promise that black lives matter, we must maintain and restore public services that create access to employment, health care, affordable housing, and more.

The caravan will be clockwise, so it runs along the lake side of the street. We will bring signs and put them on your car for you with safe tape.


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