“Capturing The Flag” Voter Suppression Film & Town Hall


July 16, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Virtual Screening and Discussion of Documentary, ‘Capturing the Flag’

Register here: https://www.capturingtheflag.com/register-7-16

Join the Feminist Majority Foundation, Girls Learn International, The Civics Center,
and Ms. Magazine for a special, virtual screening of ‘Capturing the Flag’, a documentary
that shares the story of three activists who worked to combat voter suppression in
Cumberland County, N.C. in 2016, and post-film town hall with voting rights experts.

ABOUT: ‘Capturing the Flag’

In the fall of 2016, a tight-knit group of friends travel to Cumberland County, North Carolina – named a “posterchild” for voter suppression – intent on proving that the big idea of American democracy can be defended by small acts of individual citizens. What they find at the polls serves as both a warning and a call to action for anyone interested in protecting the “One Person, One Vote” fundamental of our democracy.

‘Capturing The Flag’ is an urgent cautionary tale that documents what’s in store for the fast approaching election of 2020, and a close-up look of American democracy at its most vulnerable point. Through the intimate experiences of the film’s citizen volunteers we are inspired to vote, to help someone else to vote, and to get involved in the growing non-partisan efforts to protect our fragile democracy.


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