Capitalism is Broken: Can We Workers Win Something Better.


October 15, 2013 @ 1:30 am – 4:00 am
First Christian Church
111 Fairmount Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610

Discussion sponsored by the ISO.

There are many specters haunting Oakland–from BART managers who care more about beating the union than running the trains to police harassment, from low wages and lost jobs to drug war violence. For young people looking for work, as for homeowners struggling to pay mortgages, capitalism offers only bad choices.
Democratic politicians we elect, like Republicans, pay more attention to the rich who give them money than to our real needs, while most of us don’t even theoretically have a say in how real estate developers, giant shippers and tech corporations invest the vast resources that they alone control.

But we do have power. Our labor is the source of all of their wealth. The 1% need us, and ultimately we don’t need them.

Does that mean we can make a better world? What would an alternative to capitalism look like, and how could we get there, starting from here? Please join us to share your thoughts, fears and hopes and hear the case for the project of building a socialist organization.

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