Anti-SWEEPstakes Showdown


June 23, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Castro & Market
San Francisco
NO COPS IN PRIDE (or anywhere)

‘Love Will Keep Us Together,’ but only for the state.

Mayor London Breed sweeps houseless queer and trans youth from the Tenderloin just in time for corporate Pride’s open air beer garden. The preparation is a community affair as Urban Alchemy, case managers, and Karen “safety” snitch have rubbed their fingers raw by calling 911. Two million people scamper in to attend San Francisco’s massive LGBTQ+ themed blue lives matter march— a dress rehearsals for death squads. It’s no secret that policing is a sign of fascism, and Supervisor Rafael Mendlemn just can’t get enough. 500 more, 500 more! Meanwhile in the Mission, business owners clear tents to make way for outdoor dining “parklets” that are locked up at night to assure no one can use them for shelter. Breed’s police state won’t be taking Pride weekend off from its “Care Court,” where “care” means torture for those that don’t have the celebrity to fight off their conservatorship. DPW won’t sweep up the Pride afterparty but they will boost your HIV meds if it’s in a tent and SFPD cleans up, if by clean up you mean make off with the COVID money while it’s impossible to find a testing site.

Despite a 2 year hiatus where we tore down colonizer statues, dispossession is still at the heart of rainbow capitalism’s colonial catastrophe. Looting keeps us together~~~<3


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