5G Free Forum: Wireless “small” cell radiation harms ALL cells!


June 28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Sports Basement
2727 Milvia

Stop close proximity antennas’ radiation on every block!
5G is slower than cheaper alternatives that don’t squander energy, privacy, security, property values.
Power point presentation and panel discussion featuring health educator Sarah Aminoff, scientist Lloyd Morgan, and former attorney Kelley Hart, followed by audience discussion.

Come learn why there’s a movement to ban 5th Generation close proximity “small” cell wireless antennas near schools, residences, etc. Oppose 5G to protect our local bird, pollinator, wildlife, and human populations. Stopping 5G wireless will NOT prevent the availability of wireless services, but will:
• Protect privacy and security,
• Reduce unsightly and hazardous industrial clutter in our neighborhoods,
• Prevent 5G’s exorbitant energy use,
• Minimize harmful health and environmental impacts from radiation,
• Make cities more resilient when disaster strikes by preserving our reliable communication network, and
• Defend local sovereignty and the public interest from Big Telecom greed. Do not fall for industry hype!

Over twenty California cities have passed measures to restrict the 5G rollout. If Big Telecom plans proceed, 5G will adversely affect privacy, safety, property values, weather prediction, etc. There are far superior alternatives, cable and fiber optic, which are more reliable, more secure, faster, and more affordable.

Don’t miss the audience discussion that follows the presentation! Bring friends to this important forum and share/forward this notice to people who need info.

About the speakers:

Lloyd Morgan is Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Health Trust, and Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the US. He is a retired electronic engineer who has been working on the risks of radio frequency radiation since 1991 and has published peer-reviewed studies on that topic. After helping the city of Berkeley adopt its Cell Phone Right to Know ordinance, he founded Wireless Radiation Education & Defense (WiRED) which is on the cusp of getting the city of Berkeley to adopt an ordinance restricting 5G. He is a Board Member of the International EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) Alliance and is also a member of the international science organizations, the Bioelectromagnetics Society, the European Bioelectromagnetics Association, and the Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium.

Sarah Aminoff taught freshman first year experience at Sonoma State University and health education at City College of SF, College for Teens, as well as being a K-12 educator. With United Educators of SF, she worked on a safer technology campaign for SF schools in collaboration with Environmental Health Trust’s educational campaigns on children’s health. She is the EMF Project Coordinator for FACTS (Families Advocating for Chemical & Toxics Safety) and is a member of the California Alliance for Safer Technology, a consortium of health and environmental advocates, physicians, nonprofit leaders, attorneys and government officials, as well as Americans for Responsible Technology. Successful campaigns include Sierra Club CA Conservation Committee voting to oppose 5G without environmental review or local control. Ms. Aminoff will add a dynamic power point presentation to the 5G discussion.

Kelley Hart is an independent consultant in the parks and recreation field, primarily helping non-profits and local governments plan transformative projects for their park systems or expand land conservation holdings. She worked for thirteen years for The Trust for Public Land, most recently as the head of its national planning team. Prior to that, she worked at UCLA School of Law as a staff attorney. Though she is not currently practicing law, she has been researching local ordinances and other solutions to stop 5G until proven safe because she is extremely concerned about the health impacts of millimeter wave radiation. She lives in Berkeley with her husband and son.

Ellen Marks (tentative), founder of the California Brain Tumor Association, helped achieve Berkeley’s ground-breaking and life-saving Cell Phone Right to Know ordinance.

Phoebe Sorgen, former Berkeley Commissioner and cofounder of WiRED, will facilitate the discussion.

FREE! Wheelchair accessible.
(Inaccessible to EMF sensitive people, regrettably. Attendees will be admonished to put cell phones on airplane mode, but there is wifi throughout the building, needed by employees.)

Event endorsed by Wireless Radiation Education & Defense (WiRED), Berkeley Citizens Action (BCA), Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee.


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