Rally to Reduce Bay Area Greenhouse Emissions & Air Quality Board Meeting


December 4, 2013 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Bay Area Air Quality Mgmt District Board Meeting
939 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Andrés Soto

Please mark your calendar to join Communities for a Better Environment, the Sunflower Alliance, the Richmond Environmental Justice Coalition, Idle No More, 350BayArea, Occupy, and many others for a rally at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board Meeting. We will rally at 9:00 a.m. and then go inside for the Board meeting at 9:45 a.m.

What is at Stake?

The Board will receive a report, that we have requested, to address the linkages of all of the Bay Area proposed Crude by Rail/Refinery Projects. We believe staff will try and downplay the connections and deny the Oil Industry has a Master Plan for the Bay Area Refinery Corridor.

Staff has been caving into the Oil Industry on the Regional Green House Gas Emissions Rule. It is imperative we let the Board members know the community is deeply engaged in these issues.

We need to show support to our allies on the Board who want to see Bay Area Green House Gas Emissions reduced substantially.

How Can You Help?

Contact me, Andrés Soto (andres@cbecal.org, or at 510.282.5363) and let me know if you would like to help plan the rally. This should be a relatively simple affair.
Pass the word to your friends, family and allies who are concerned about Climate Change and have them join us and/or join in the planning. I will schedule a planning meeting as soon as I hear from a critical mass of folks. It would be great to have our signs and banners for this one as well as a solid media strategy.

A delegation of us from Richmond will arrive by BART. We will meet at Richmond BART at 8:00 a.m. to catch the train and get off at the Civic Center BART Station.


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  1. WandaKay

    I would be leaving from Fruitvale BART in Oakland, is there a time to meet up at the Civic Center BART station?

  2. WandaKay

    I would like to attend and support this event, but could not get a trip planned via AC Transit or BART? I know that parking would be expensive, if available at all. Any suggestions?

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