Strike Debt Bay Area Book Group: The Persuaders @ Online
Jun 22 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Email a few days beforehand for the online invite.

For our May meeting we will be reading The Persuaders: At the Front Lines of the Fight for Hearts, Minds, and Democracy by Anand Giridharadas  (Amazon, Penguin).  For our June meeting we will finish the book.

An insider account of activists, politicians, educators, and everyday citizens working to change minds, bridge divisions, and fight for democracy—from disinformation fighters to a leader of Black Lives Matter to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and more—by the best-selling author of Winners Take All and award-winning former New York Times columnist

“Anand Giridharadas shows the way we get real progressive change in America—by refusing to write others off, building more welcoming movements, and rededicating ourselves to the work of changing minds.” —Robert B. Reich, best-selling author of The System

The lifeblood of any free society is persuasion: changing other people’s minds in order to change things. But America is suffering a crisis of faith in persuasion that is putting its democracy and the planet itself at risk. Americans increasingly write one another off instead of seeking to win one another over. Debates are framed in moralistic terms, with enemies battling the righteous. Movements for justice build barriers to entry, instead of on-ramps. Political parties focus on mobilizing the faithful rather than wooing the skeptical. And leaders who seek to forge coalitions are labeled sellouts.

In The Persuaders, Anand Giridharadas takes us inside these movements and battles, seeking out the dissenters who continue to champion persuasion in an age of polarization. We meet a leader of Black Lives Matter; a trailblazer in the feminist resistance to Trumpism; white parents at a seminar on raising adopted children of color; Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; a team of door knockers with an uncanny formula for changing minds on immigration; an ex-cult member turned QAnon deprogrammer; and, hovering menacingly offstage, Russian operatives clandestinely stoking Americans’ fatalism about one another.

As the book’s subjects grapple with how to call out threats and injustices while calling in those who don’t agree with them but just might one day, they point a way to healing, and changing, a fracturing country.

Strike Debt Bay Area hosts this non-technical book group discussion monthly on new and radical economic thinking. Previous readings have included (in chronological order) Doughnut EconomicsLimitsBanking on the PeopleCapital and Its Discontents, How to Be an Anti-Capitalist in the 21st Century, The Deficit Myth,  Revenge Capitalism, the Edge of Chaos blog symposium , Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons, The Optimist’s TelescopeMission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism, Exploring Degrowth, The Origin of Wealth, Mine!, The Dawn of Everything  A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, Beyond Money, Less is More,  Cannibal Capitalism,  Debt, the First 5000 Years , Poverty, By America, End Times, Jackson Rising Redux , The Feminist Subversion of the Economy, How Infrastructure Works, Inside the Systems that Shape our World, and Wealth Supremacy.

Drawdown’s Neighborhood: San Francisco Bay Area, a climate solutions short documentary series @ David Brower Center
Jun 26 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

jJoin local climate heroes, community members, and supporters for the launch of Drawdown’s Neighborhood: San Francisco Bay Area, a climate solutions short documentary series (premiering at in late August 2024) passing the mic to voices that often go unheard in global climate solutions conversations. The series is presented by Project Drawdown.

This event is hosted by Project Drawdown’s Stories team and Matt Scott, Director of Storytelling & Engagement and the host of Drawdown’s Neighborhood. The event will serve as a sneak peek screening of the series (showing clips from the 7 full episodes), before the global virtual launch in late August, and celebrate some of the unsung and undersung local climate solutions heroes making the the Bay Area area a better place. With it being San Francisco Pride Week and the series featuring a number of queer Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color in the climate space, the theme of this event is “Pride.”

Doors open at 6:30pm, giving you a chance to find your seat and settle in for an exciting night.

A t 7:00pm, the program begins on-stage, with short clips from the 7 episodes of Drawdown’s Neighborhood: San Francisco Bay Area, live performances, and a program led by Matt Scott. The celebration will conclude between 8:30 and 9:00pm.

Drawdown’s Neighborhood: San Francisco Bay Area features people helping the world reach “drawdown” — the future point in time when greenhouse gases start to steadily decline — from:

  • Acterra (Irvin Rivero)
  • Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) (Lauren Wan)
  • CalWave (César Córdova)
  • The Lupine Collaborative (Grace Anderson)
  • Mycelium Youth Network (Ashia Ajani)
  • Shelterwood Collective (Layel Camargo)
  • Sonoma County Transportation Authority, Regional Climate Protection Authority (SCTA/RCPA) (Anna Oliva)

Learn more about Project Drawdown, the nonprofit climate solutions resource, at

Discover solutions and take action with Drawdown’s Neighborhood at

Immigrants’ Rights Forum
Jul 20 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm