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Oakland DA Files Last Minute Charges for October 25th, 2011

Last minute charges have been filed on people busted last October 25th, they were ordered to appear today,  at Department 107 with almost no notice. Some people were notified that the DA may be filing some Occupy cases from last October just before the statute expires.  The person appearing on Wednesday (10/25/12) has already contacted the Public defender. It would be good to know if anyone has any other information about this. There is a fear concerning timing; perhaps it’s an attempt to make arrests for FTA’a at anniversary actions.  … Continued


Occupy Oakland Presents… Street Party

Monday September 17th, celebrating the one year anniversary of the Occupy Movement and Growing Resistance Worldwide. At t 1pm begin gathering at Bradley Manning Plaza (a.k.a, Justin Herman Plaza) – Embarcadero Plaza in San Francisco, CA. At 2pm PARTY TAKES TO THE STREETS! At 5pm Mass Convergence at 555 California, San Francisco, CA.   …. Stay Tuned For October 10th, 2012 — One Year Anniversary of Occupy Oakland!!! 39949


Organizing Mtg: 8/26: Oakland to NYC: OWS’s September 17th Anniversary

UPDATE: For everyone who’s interested in traveling to NYC for Sept 17th: Please Join Us for a Meeting on Sunday, August 26th, at 1pm, 19th & Telegraph! — Hello Friends! If you’re interested in going to NYC for September 17th, and are willing to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for fund raising, to make sure that this trip happens, Please Sign Up on this Facebook Events page, so that we can get a good idea of a head count: For More Information: (as it becomes available to us) Please email … Continued


In Memory of Our Fallen Comrades: Tsega & Alex

On Tuesday, July 31st two of our comrades were violently murdered, Tsega Tsagay and Alex Mahan. On Tuesday night, Tsega was beaten to death by her husband. We remember Tsega as such a loving person, she was vibrant, enthusiastic, a constant and unforgettable presence in our camp, at OG Plaza. (…) Alex Mahan, a Stockton comrade, was killed in a driveby shooting the same evening. Everyone remembers Alex as very kind, energetic and totally committed to the struggle we have all been building together. He never missed an opportunity to … Continued


Help Take Tsega’s Body Back to Ethiopia

On July 31, our friend and comrade Tsega Tsegay was beaten to death by her husband. Tsega was a constant and unforgettable presence at the Occupy Oakland encampment – an unceasingly loving person, always laughing, smiling and dancing. She never missed an opportunity to tell someone she loved them, or to get up and dance on stage during GA. We are furious at the way she was taken from us, and heartbroken that she is no longer in our lives. Her sister is currently trying to raise money to send … Continued


Join the Joint Occupy Oakland Info Table At Sproul Plaza (UCB)

Join us this Wednesday, September 12th, at 12-Noon, at Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley. The new semester just recently began at UC Berkeley and there are a lot of students who want to know about Occupy around the Bay Area. The purpose of the Info Table is to inform students about Occupy Oakland, Occupy the Farm, and Occupy Cal; what actions they’ve done, what plans are in the mix for the future, and how they can get involved. 39982