Oakland DA Files Last Minute Charges for October 25th, 2011

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Last minute charges have been filed on people busted last October 25th, they were ordered to appear today,  at Department 107 with almost no notice.

Some people were notified that the DA may be filing some Occupy cases from last October just before the statute expires.  The person appearing on Wednesday (10/25/12) has already contacted the Public defender.

It would be good to know if anyone has any other information about this. There is a fear concerning timing; perhaps it’s an attempt to make arrests for FTA’a at anniversary actions.  This is a total abuse of process. If anyone has any more information about this please let us know.

wiseoldsnail reports the same: http://occupyoakland.org/2012/10/court-tomorrow-for-newly-charged-o25-arrestees/

Anyone who was arrested last October 25th should check their mail and/or call the DA’s office at 510-268-7500 to make sure charges have not been filed against them. Anyone who has been served with these BS last-minute charges should contact the NLG.


2 Responses to “Oakland DA Files Last Minute Charges for October 25th, 2011”

  1. GNUWorldOrder

    It looks like three males have had new charges and wiseoldsnail posted about one female that wasn’t mentioned in this article:

    Three More Occupy Oakland Protesters Charged
    by Caitlin Esch | October 24, 2012 — 6:44 PM

    District Attorney Nancy O'Malley has charged three men with misdemeanors, including battery on an officer and assault with a deadly weapon. The District Attorney filed the charges just days before the statute of limitations runs out.

    The charges stem from an Occupy Oakland protest last October. More protests marking the one-year anniversary of the first police raid in Frank Ogawa Plaza are planned for Thursday.

    A spokeswoman for the DA's office says the timing is a coincidence, but she says the message is clear: People who come to the city to commit crimes will be prosecuted.

    What a steamy pile, as though the DA would have waited until the last day to file a merit-worthy assault with deadly weapon charges. Thank God for coincidence.

  2. Slenderbutter

    Sorry for the confusion. We have now revised the post, as requested. Hopefully, it’s OK now.