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No Charges For A University Of Alabama Campus Police Officer In Fatal Shooting Of A NAKED Student

Fri, Mar 1, 2013 (2:26 p.m.) A grand jury has decided not to charge a University of South Alabama campus police officer in the fatal shooting of a naked student. The jury reached a decision Friday and said surveillance video proved Officer Trevis Austin was justified in shooting Gil Collar. Police said collar was naked and banging on a window at a campus police station Oct. 6. Austin, who went outside to investigate the sound, said Collar was acting erratically and lunged toward him. A grand jury report says Collar … Continued


Oakland: Two people killed in shooting early Saturday morning

OAKLAND — A man and a woman were pronounced dead after a double shooting in East Oakland, police said. Residents called police to report gunfire just after 4 a.m. near Apricot and Blenheim streets, just off San Leandro Street, police said. No one else was injured. Both victims, who were not identified, were found in the street and pronounced dead at the scene. Police were still trying to identify both people and determine what their relationship was. There was no suspect information available Saturday morning. The shootings mark the 14th … Continued


Oakland: Judge picks police overseer but won’t divulge name

OAKLAND — A federal judge has chosen a powerful overseer for the Oakland Police Department, but refused to reveal his pick Friday, citing the city’s failure to release data to set the official’s salary. U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson gave Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker until noon Monday to file current salary information for both City Administrator Deanna Santana and police Chief Howard Jordan. The figures will be used to determine compensation for a compliance director who will have sweeping powers to make Oakland police fully satisfy court-sanctioned reforms that … Continued


Bank of america emails. Subject: EWT TACTO Occupy Oakland Bank Activity 6 MAR 1500-1700PST –

Source:!/worthoftheworld // Date / Time: 060147ESTMAR12 Summary of information: – @worthoftheworld posts: “Great Foreclosure Defense canvassing Tomorrow! 51st/Broadway 3-5pm @occupyoakland #oo #osf #occupycal #iceCreamBloc #ows – website summary: When: Tuesday, Mar. 6, 3-5pm. What: We will be canvassing as much foot traffic as possible in the shopping center at 51st and Broadway. (Several banks have branches there including Chase, the bank servicing Mrs. Katy’s loan) Comment: Purportedly Mrs. Katy refers to a “lesbian” who’s partner suffered a stroke and went blind. The couple’s income was reduced and … Continued


FTP on 3,1,13 Meet at 14 and broadway 7:00pm

FTP March - Jan 14, 2012

Hello people of the world. It is time that people come and march as a bloc. Let’s keep it fun and cool , we have a set of rules to keep every safe so we can all march in peace. FUCK THE POLICE MARCH FTP2.0 – FUCK THE POLICE Take our pigs for a walk. They need the exercise. And it only costs the city $50K a week! *** This event is being called by the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee. It might continue weekly. The Tactical Action Committee was … Continued


Jail Support for Robert Smith – PFN: AUF283 Send Mail; Show up for Court

When I was locked up in jail, I met a man named Robert Samuel Smith who was framed by the Oakland Police Department.  As a result, he is now facing up to 43 years in prison and has a bail amount set at $790,000.00. He needs our support. All that him and his family are asking for is that Occupy Oakland and comrades alike pack the court room. His pretrial will be held on August 8th, 2012 in Department 11 at the Superior Court of Alameda (1225 Fallon St. Oakland, … Continued


The Oakland Commune is Dead. Long live Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland is not dead. We are many. Oakland commune has killed the GA but now some black niggas and they white moma and Mexican sister and white sister . Is starting an Action GA . Quorum is 20 people meet sunday at 2:00 at 19 and telegraph. We are all together the young people is calling for everybody to come out. Believe in young people of Occupy Oakland. We are here Ready to help you. We have and will put our life on the line for your rights Fuck … Continued