The Oakland Commune is Dead. Long live Occupy Oakland

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Occupy Oakland is not dead. We are many. Oakland commune has killed the GA but now some black niggas and they white moma and Mexican sister and white sister . Is starting an Action GA . Quorum is 20 people meet sunday at 2:00 at 19 and telegraph. We are all together the young people is calling for everybody to come out. Believe in young people of Occupy Oakland. We are here Ready to help you. We have and will put our life on the line for your rights Fuck the police. Tac has heard enough No labels . Can I hit that tho… Soldarity A new GA is coming. Think new Think smart think young. Vibe . Keep its going together No Labels. We All Is Occupy Oakland Tac. Tac has no leader. No bullshit. Come support the young folk GA. Thank you



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